Panavlies October 27, 2021 4:00 pm 37.815264, 24.830227
Colchicum cupanii
Colchicum cupanii
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15° C 77% 1013 hPa 6,8 km/h


Panavlies is located in the Apano Meria region of Syros, next to the mountain of Sirigas. The area is characterized by its particular geomorphology and plant biodiversity, including rocky slopes and phryganic vegetation. Local mythological narratives speak of centaur-like gods and nymphs of the springs in this mystical landscape. Small springs gush in certain places of this region, creating small, seasonal ecosystems.

The mythology of Syros gives this area its name. Pan, a deity who usually frequented the shepherds’ caves, used to roam here, teaching them – among other things – how to play their flutes and “aulos” pipes, which give the place its name.

Author Teo Romvos describes this history in his unique way in “Syriana Grammata” (c. B, vol. 1, page 50): “… once upon a time in Panavlies, Pan ran about, chasing the nymph Siriga around the magic aerolithos rock (which is in fact an Eclogite, a rare rock that sprouted from the bowels of the earth a few million years ago).”

Source: Syriana Grammata, period II, vol I, p. 50, 2017.